How can I assign the correct Genre to a song?

How can I assign the correct Genre to a song?

When registering, please select the genre that most closely matches the genre of your song/album. However, Billboard makes all final decisions on genre flagging.
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    • How do I register my song?

      To register your song with Music Connect, please visit ISRC Registration. To register your song, you will need an ISRC code. If you do not currently have an ISRC code, you will need to purchase one through an independent distributor. If you are ...
    • I made an error when registering my song/album, how can I correct it?

      If you have made an error when submitting your registration, please resubmit the registration. If you need to reach out to the metadata team please email . In your email, please include the following: Barcode/ISRC ...
    • What if someone buys multiple copies of the same album/song?

      Any sales of 5 or more copies of an album attributed to one customer at the UPC/ISRC level, no matter how that number of albums is accrued, is subject to MRC Data’s bulk policy rule application. For sales designated as bulk, the following credit will ...
    • What is the minimum price I can sell a single for?

      For a song/track to be eligible for chart consideration, it must be priced at a minimum of 39 cents. This also applies to physical singles.
    • What is the Billboard 18 Month Rule?

      Billboard 18 Month Rule Any new mix of a song released after 18 months of the original version is treated as a new song and is not rolled-up/merged into the original version..  If the new mix is released less than 18 months from the original version, ...