How can I become a sales reporter?

How can I become a sales reporter?

To become a new sales reporter, you need to provide the following information to the following emails:

Company Name
Company Address
City, State, Zip
Contact Name
Contact email address

Are you looking to report physical sales, digital sales or both?
Are you looking to report sales in the US, Canada and/or Worldwide (digital only for WW)?
Please provide a link to your website where music is being sold.
Please provide a rough estimate of the number of sales you expect to be reporting for each region.
Is your website run by Shopify?
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      To become a Luminate active reporter please fill out our New Provider form found here.   Once you have completed the New Provider form a member from our Content Services team will be in contact to discuss next steps.   If you have any questions on ...
    • What are the sales reporting deadlines?

      TYPE OF SALES REPORTING DEADLINE WHAT TO REPORT Daily IMO (Internet mail order) Daily 1:00pm EST All music sales shipped the preceding day Weekly IMO (Internet mail order) Every Tuesday by 1:00pm EST All music sales shipped Tuesday through Monday the ...
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      Please use this link to Support FAQ -
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      If your D2C (Direct to consumer) website is hosted by Shopify, we highly recommend using the Single Music plugin on your site as they will do your sales reporting for you. Once you have created a Single Music account and installed their web plugin on ...
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