What is the process for becoming a New Luminate Reporter?

What is the process for becoming a New Luminate Reporter?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Luminate reporter! 

On-boarding Process:
1. Complete New Provider Form
2. Content Services reviews submission for eligibility
3. If eligible, Content Services will pass along to Data Partners for set up, which will include:

a. Providing File Format

b. Reporting Instructions (i.e – Frequency, deadlines, etc)

c. Test File received from retailer by email

d. Data Partners Team reviews and provides feedback (if needed)

d. Test load performed

e. SFTP credentials provided to reporter

Note: New reporters must provide at least 4 weeks of data before inclusion in Luminate market share and Billboard charting

5. Sales Provider agreement provided by Content Services

6. Officially On-boarded

If you have any questions on the status of on-boarding please reach out to contentservices@luminatedata.com.

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