INTERNAL - What is the Ticket Submission Process?

INTERNAL - What is the Ticket Submission Process?

When submitting a ticket to Operations, please ONLY send to one distribution list and do not copy multiple distros or copy individual Operations team members. 

If the ticket is sent to the wrong team, we can simply re-route inside ZOHO to the proper team. When multiple distribution lists are added it results in duplicate tickets. 

Please do not split requests into multiple email threads as it creates multiple tickets and causes confusion. Best practice is to reply to an existing email for an update. 

Slack messages should not be used for actionable items, ZOHO tickets are the best way to get visibility into your questions/requests. The following distribution lists should be used based on the request:

    1. Metadata changes/updates, registration questions, merge inquiries
    1. General Market Share questions
    2. Clients should be using the forms where applicable 
    1. General questions about sales reporting
    2. Questions on sales eligibility methodology
    3. Confirming label forecasts
    1. Broader streaming data validity questions
    2. Consumption chart methodology questions
    1. Global metadata questions/changes
    2. Global chart questions / methodology