What is the difference between a UPC code and an EAN code?

What is the difference between a UPC code and an EAN code?

A UPC code will be 12 digits, while an EAN code will be 13. The registration pages default to UPC code, so if you have a 13 digit barcode, you need to switch the drop down to EAN. If you do not change this selection, you will receive an "Invalid Code" error message.
These two formats are predominantly used in their own regions, the UPC is used only in the US and Canada, while the EAN is used everywhere else globally.‚Äč
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      To register your album with Music Connect, please visit: EAN Registration In order to register your album, you will need to use a UPC or EAN code. If you do not currently have a UPC/EAN code, you will need to purchase one through an independent ...
    • I made an error when registering my song/album, how can I correct it?

      If you have made an error when submitting your registration form, please reach out to music.referencedata@luminatedata.com to have it corrected. In your email, please include the following: Barcode/ISRC code Error that was made Correction that is ...
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      We recommend using a unique barcode for each configuration of the album being sold (i.e. CD, Vinyl, Cassette). If you are registering more than one barcode for an album, please send a merge request to music.bbmerges@luminatedata.com to ensure these ...
    • Do I need a UPC or ISRC to upload music for Virtual Encode?

      We do not use the UPC or ISRC for Virtual Encode. We need artist name, song title, label (if have one) and mp3.
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      If you receive a "missing file error" when uploading music, stop your current upload.  Go to the top and click "Send Electronic Media" to start a new upload session.  If that doesn't clear the error, please email media@bdskc.com.