When should Pre-sale orders be reported?

When should Pre-sale orders be reported?

Mail order pre-sale orders should NOT be reported until those units actually ship to the customers.

Digital pre-orders should be reported when they are fulfilled by the customer.

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    • How do I create a file to report my mail order sales?

      To report mail order sales to MRC, you’ll need to begin by creating a sales file. For your convenience, we have created an excel macro that will make this process easier.  Please scroll to bottom and download the attached zip file relevant to the ...
    • How can I address corrections to my sales reporting to Luminate?

      If there are changes needed to be made to a sales file(s) due to missing or incorrect sales activity, we ask that you please regenerate and resubmit via FTP the affected sales feeds under their original file name(s) with the corrected data. Below are ...
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      TYPE OF SALES REPORTING DEADLINE WHAT TO REPORT Daily IMO (Internet mail order) Daily 1:00pm EST All music sales shipped the preceding day Weekly IMO (Internet mail order) Every Tuesday by 1:00pm EST All music sales shipped Tuesday through Monday the ...
    • I have a question about reported sales.

      If you have questions about reported sales, please send an email to Music.MerchantServices@mrcentertainment.com.. In that email include the following: ​ UPC/ISRC provider name (if known) timeframe for the reported sales quantity in question
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      If your D2C (Direct to consumer) website is hosted by Shopify, we highly recommend using the Single Music plugin on your site as they will do your sales reporting for you. Once you have created a Single Music account and installed their web plugin on ...