Why is my music upload status showing "rejected" or "hold"?

Why is my music upload status showing "rejected" or "hold"?

The file gave an error when encoding. This could be due to attached artwork or the mp3 didn't match our systems required settings. Please remove artwork and make sure your MP3's have the following settings:

Bit Rate: 128 Frequency
Sample Rate: 44100
Mode: Stereo
No Artwork
No ID3 Tagging

If you do not have a way to change or convert an mp3, you can email the file to media@bdskc.com In the email body, please include artist name, song title, label (If you have one).
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      We do not use the UPC or ISRC for Virtual Encode. We need artist name, song title, label (if have one) and mp3.
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      You can upload mp3 or wav. We prefer mp3 files in the following settings: Bitrate: 128 (320 will work but is a larger file) Frequency/Sample Rate: 44100 Mode: Stereo (Not Joint Stereo) No Artwork No ID3 tagging When uploading wav, the program has to ...
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